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Culled from a Northwest US tour in May of '98, Seven Hidden Treasures rumbles with seven cuts sparing no energy. Comin' out of the gate with their deep n' wide grooves built on their sturdy rhythm section, Tough Mama let's loose with a live recording that gives the thrills of the live jams and let's the songs speak out. A rippin' four-piece of B-3/keys, guitar, bass and drums, Tough Mama gets a huge sound. On "Seven Hidden Treasures" the Tough Mama tradition of giving the maximum explodes off these tracks. If you've loved em all along this will bring ya right home. If you're checkin' Tough Mama for the first time this will be a high test intro.
Crank it up!

Tough Mama emerged in Seattle in the late 80's after they met at Cornish Institute. Known for their strong grooves, wild improvisations and all-out energy Tough Mama drew large, loyal audiences for five years. After an extended break they have resumed a limited playing and recording schedule. "Seven Hidden Treasures" is the first of two Tough Mama releases to come out on the Liquid City Label.

Dave Pellicciaro
organ, keys, vox
Scott Law
guitar, vox
Arne Livingston
Dale Fanning
drums, vox

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Seven Hidden Treasures
© 1999
  1. Kylan Crocker
  2. Feel It Anyway
  3. On the Vine
  4. Waiting For Dale
  5. Sandman
  6. Hammer Hill
  7. Flyin' Blind
  8. Use Me