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Souls of the Sound

Souls of the Sound
Formerly subtitled Whirled Records New Folk Sampler, this 1995 LiquidCity release brought together twelve female singer-songwriters from the Seattle area for one track each. Souls of the Sound is a fully solo-acoustic compilation.

Karen Pernick
Amy Read
Nancy Rosewood
Marjorie Richards
Kathleen Tracy
Kate Yester
Katya Chorover
Annie O'Neill
Annie Gallup
Linda Severt
Cyd Smith
Barefoot & Flowers

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Souls Of The Sound
© 1995
  1. Tempt the Tame
  2. End of the Week
  3. The Living
  4. My Backyard
  5. Heaven Where You Are
  6. Hole in the Bucket
  7. Winter
  8. I Have Seen You
  9. Immortality
  10. Where the Angels Play
  11. If I Love and Lose
  12. Growing Grey