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Scott Law Band
As a singer-songwriter/guitarist, Scott Law has been touring for 20 years honing his improvisational style, sitting in with the likes of String Cheese Incident, Leftover Salmon, Living Daylights and Everyone Orchestra. Scott Law Band's first studio release "Deliver" blends rock, funk, and Americana into classic songwriting with modern arrangements and a pinch of 70's sensibility.

With full horn sections and classic Hammond B3, funky bass and tight drums, assorted acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, and a compliment of backup vocalists, "Deliver" crosses many styles and genres while remaining true to its core: passionate, yet short solo sections within the framework of intelligent songwriting.

Scott Law
lead vocal, guitars
Damien Aitken
alto and tenor saxophones
Dennis Smith
Dave Roda
drums, percussion
Chris Haugen
el. guitar, lap steel, Weissenborn
Melvin Seals
Hammond B-3 organ
Asher Fulero
keyboards, vocals
Chris Littlefield
trumpet, flugel horn, vocals
Tarshene Daugherty
Jen Bernard
Flora McGill
Hans Teuber
baritone sax
Jim DeJoie
baritone sax
Will Dowd

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Scott Law Band
© 2005
  1. Find Something Good - 3:28
  2. Soul Level - 2:57
  3. All Comes Down - 4:01
  4. Let The Pieces Fall - 3:59
  5. Bound To Roam - 4:59
  6. Breathin' Water - 4:07
  7. Skip A Beat - 2:51
  8. Good Egg - 4:27
  9. Carry The Stone - 6:14
  10. Deliver - 4:55