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Scott Law Band
Here is a live rock album that's a community effort in every way. Contained within are tracks of mostly original music and some cover tunes from shows in Seattle. It features Scott and other staple northwest musicians including members of Living Daylights, Hanuman and Crack Sabbath. This record is an excellent example of the prowess of Seattle based musicians. Stocked with well-crafted songs, strong vocals and far-reaching jams, "Scott Law Band" leaps from your speakers and begs for repeated listening.

Produced by Chris Chappell & Scott Law.

Arne Livingston
bass (#3,4 & 5)
Tige DeCoster
bass (#1,2,6,7 & 8)
Dale Fanning
drums (#1 & 2)
Will Dowd
drums (#3 thru 8)
Scott Law
guitar, vocals
Ron Weinstein
Damien Aitken
saxophone (#1,2,6,7 & 8)
Chris Chappell
backing vocals (#1 & 3)

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Scott Law Band
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  1. I Was Alright
  2. Squirrel’s Revenge
  3. Feel It Anyway
  4. Walk
  5. Southern Honk
  6. Pungee
  7. Yours Alone
  8. Billie’s Bounce