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Living Daylights
On Living Daylights' third release--another giant step for this improv jazz juggernaut--the reservoir of rhythm flowing through this fearlessly creative sax, bass, and drums threesome runs with infinite syncopated delights. Bassist Arne Livingston has developed a uniquely thrilling chords-and-basslines technique that's opened up entirely new worlds of possibility. The approach has also enabled him to go toe-to-toe with drummer Dale Fanning's seemingly three-armed fountainhead of funk, jazz, and rock licks, not to mention his endless array of ancient African and Middle Eastern-derived grooves.
And like a cake that's expertly layered with icing in all the right places, saxophonist Jessica Lurie weaves her way through their sweet multi-kulti lair with a flair suggestive of a Balkan John Coltrane or klezmerized Sonny Rollins. Just think of her, Arne and Dale as three master musicians dedicated to the art of chemistry, both ancient and modern.

Jessica Lurie
saxophones, flutes
Arne Livingston
Dale Fanning
drums, percussion
with Bill Frisell on tracks 1, 5, 6, & 8
electric guitar

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Electric Rosary
© 2000
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  1. Pike or Pine
  2. Electric Rosary
  3. Mayakovsky's Smile
  4. Get Bone-A-Fide
  5. I Dare U
  6. Repeatable Swing
  7. Fall
  8. Homo Volans
  9. Sunday Meeting Club