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Kaz Murphy
This critically acclaimed Seattle songwriter has been around for a while, most notably as frontman and tunesmith of folkrock band Mad Mad Nomad. Kaz Murphy's long-in-the-coming solo debut album, One Happy Camper is well worth the wait. Credits include brilliant performances by drummer Brian Young of The Posies (DGC), guitarist John Olufs of The Pickets (Rounder), and mixing by Tucker Martine, producer of Larry Barrett and The Crop Circles, along with other local notables, including Kaz's long-term girlfriend Jacque Grad, who also toured Europe with the Walkabouts (Virgin).

Jacqueline Grad
violin, accordion, organ
John Olufs
Jon Hyde
bass, pedal steel guitar
Brian Young
drums, percussion
Keith Lowe
upright bass
David Russell
Bruce Wirth
Rob Benson
back-up vocals
Kaz Murphy
vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo


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One Happy Camper
© 1996
  1. Train Through Mexico
  2. One Happy Camper
  3. Hit from Buddha
  4. Drive Down South
  5. Boy in Ohio
  6. Paper-Thin House
  7. My Companion
  8. Rich Black Soil
  9. Scars
  10. Rhinestone Philosopher