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Ao Vivo Em Olympia
Ao Vivo Em Olympia (ow veevo em Olimpeeah) Live in Olympia, follows on the heels of Caboclo. Live in Olympia, Jovino's second release on Liquid City Records, is a direct snapshot of a sold-out performance the Quinteto gave in April 2000 at the State Theatre in Olympia, Washington. The high-quality recording captures the band's subtle musical interactions while showcasing Jovino's talen as a pianist, composer and arranger.
Jovino composed 7 of the 8 pieces on the CD, paying a tribute to tradition by playing a 1940 choro by Luis Americano, Intrigas no Boteco do Padilha, as a piano/clarinet duo with renowned Bay Area reedsman Harvey Wainapel.

"Using rhythms and song forms from various regions of Brazil, Santos Neto writes tunes with the harmonic complexity of bebop, while depending on his musicians to elaborate on his self-propelling melodic lines. Much of his music is inspired by particular settings, which gives his songs visual as well as emotional resonance...Santos Neto is a technically dazzling pianist who maintains a graceful fluidity no matter at what tempo." -Andrew Gilbert, Express - Nov. 2000

Jovino Santos Neto
piano, compositions
Harvey Wainapel
saxophones & clarinet
Chuck Deardorf
Mark Ivester
Jeff Busch

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Ao Vivo Em Olympia
© 2000
  1. Mendanha
  2. A Mountain Atop a Mountain
  3. Pitombeira
  4. The Flowing of the Night
  5. Intrigas no Boteco do Padilha
  6. Maracatres
  7. Macae
  8. Jujuba