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Jovino Santos Neto Quinteto

"The sounds contained in the record outline a musial portrait of my home town, Rio de Janeiro. For me Rio is not only the postcard views of Ipanema, Corcovado and the Sugar Loaf, but also the modest neighborhoods flanking sides of the railroad tracks leading from the Central Station to the old Matadouro (slaughterhouse) in Santa Cruz, in the western confines of the city.

"Musically, I was inspired by the primeval rhythms and melodies that preceded the popular samb and choro styles. In the beginning, there were the batuques and lundus, sung by African slaves in a roda, or circle of dancers who clapped their open hands, paying a tribute to the forces of nature that protected them from a life of suffering and toil."

— Jovino Santos Neto

Jovino Santos Neto
Fender Rhodes, piano, accordian & percussion
Chuck Deardorf
electric & acoustic basses
Mark Ivester
Jeff Busch
percussion - pandeiro, berimbau, zabumba, triangle, surdo, congas, bells, shakers and effects
Hans Teuber flute, soprano, alto and tenor saxophones

with special guests:
Harvey Wainapel
clarinet, soprano, alto and tenor saxophones
Flora McGill
voice on Primavera em Flor, Sempre Sim and canto do Rio, percussion on Batuki di Bangu
Mike Marshall
mandolin on Guaratiba
vocal interpretation in Batuki di Bangu

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Canto Do Rio
© 2003
  1. Guanabara
  2. Primavera em Flor
  3. Pedra Branca
  4. Guaratiba
  5. Sempre Sim
  6. Batuki di Bangu
  7. Feira Livre
  8. Ciranda Chegada
  9. Ciranda Roda
  10. Comichao
  11. Canto do Rio