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Jovino Santos Neto Quarteto
Jovino Santos Neto is a pianist, flutist, composer and arranger from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For 15 years he was a member of the group led by the legendary Hermeto Pascoal, with whom he recorded and co-produced 9 records, while touring all over the world.
The members of this quartet, with Hans Teuber, Chuck Deardorf and Mark Ivester, are among the top musicians in the Pacific Northwest, and the result of 3 years of hard musical labor can be heard on their first LiquidCity release, Caboclo. Most of the music was composed and arranged by Jovino for the Quartet, with a special version of a samba written by Hermeto. For this recording they were joined by the master percussionist Airto Moreira, who added special polyrhythms and delicate aural colors to the group's sound.

Jovino Santos Neto
piano, B3 organ, accordian, keyboards, PVC flute, percussion
Hans Teuber
flute, saxophones
Chuck Deardorf
acoustic and electric basses
Mark Ivester
drums, percussion

Special Guest:
Airto Moreira

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  1. Viva o Rio de Janeiro
  2. Caboclo
  3. Intro
  4. Hoping for the Day
  5. Chorelético
  6. Boa Viagem pra Olinda
  7. Novens Claras
  8. Metamorph
  9. Sete Penas
  10. Luz
  11. O Tetra
  12. Mais que Tudo
  13. Song for a New Home
  14. No Horizonte do Som