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Jim Page
Originally hailing from the San Francisco Bay area, Jim Page cut his teeth in New York City and then Seattle in the early '70s where he led the move to legalize street singing. Achieving international acclaim at the Cambridge Folk Festival in England, he spent the latter part of the '70s and the early '80s in Europe, touring and recording.
Whose World Is This is the result of several years spent in Seattle creating various ensembles, always expanding his possibilities. Produced by Orville Johnson and accompanied by many of the Northwest's finest musicians, it is Jim's masterpiece.

Jim Page
lead vocals, ascoustic guitar
Arne Livingston
Dale Fanning
Will Dowd
Grant Dermody
Erin Corday
vocals, recorder
Don Pawlak
pedal steel
Tommy Creegan
villean pipes
David Lange
organ, swishing things
Orville Johnson
vocals, guitars, dobro mandoling

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Whose World Is This
© 1992
  1. Whose World Is This
  2. Take Our Culture Back
  3. Righteous
  4. Stranger In Me
  5. Shiny Bright Silver Dollar
  6. Down To Eugene
  7. Sound Of A Guitar
  8. Ice Skating On Fremont Bridge
  9. Right To Be Wrong
  10. Only Talkin' On The Radio
  11. Puritan Seeds
  12. Tina
  13. Now That I'm Missing You More